Talc For Paper

Talc For Paper

Talc is profoundly used in the pulp, paper and board industry, as a pitch control agent, a runnability aid, a coating pigment and a functional filler.

It is used as a filler to give smoothness, porosity and opacity to paper in addition to reducing the cost.

Why Jai Talc?

Hydrophobic: During the papermaking process, the micro impurities can clog the paper machinery. Being hydrophobic, talc absorbs these micro droplets, thus controlling their stickiness and avoiding clogging. 
Improved Quality: Better printed surface by overcoming ink scuff encountered with coated papers containing high levels of calcium carbonate.
Runnability: Being pure and soft, our talc reduces paper surface friction, thereby alleviating core burst and crepe wrinkle problems and improving runnability in the rotogravure printing process.
Printability: The coating grades maximise ink transfer and reduce missing dots in gravure printing, resulting in improved image quality. 
Print mottle reduction: JT 300 & JAIKAR reduce the ink adsorption, which decreases print mottling and improves print opacity.
Barrier Effect: Being pure, platy & hydrophobic , our talc improves barrier coatings' sealing effect by reducing water vapour transmission.
Environmental Benefits: By pitch reduction, JT 300 & JAIKAR helps to reduce the amount of process chemicals required, lowers the specific energy demand and facilitates recycled paper production.

Our Popular Talc Grades: JT-300 | JAIKAR