Talc Manufactures in India

Talc is the world's softest and most hydrophobic mineral. It adds new features to products that use it as a raw material and makes processes more efficient. It's salient features help it act as the most effective filler material. While it is already used in various applications, constant research in the field of its usage is unravelling its wider usage and advantages. Jai Group is consistently focussed towards developing the best quality talc as per our customer needs. Not only do we develop talc grades tailored for maximum performance, but also ideal logistics, packaging and commerciality concepts to go with it.

We started the company with talc as the only product and mined the soapstone and have built processing capabilities that can deliver the final product (Talc) with whiteness ranging from 80% to 97% and fineness from 75 micron (200 mesh) to 10 micron(1250 mesh). Having a very rich experience in handling this product we can cater to most of its applications, with main focus on Paint, Paper and Polymer industries.

Talc High Brightness

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