Kaolin Suppliers in india

Kaolin is a form of clay. Structurally, kaolin is a platy mineral. The mined and sorted kaolin is then subject to processing by a wet route to produce processed kaolins with desired properties for various applications.

Kaolin is termed as hydrous when the kaolin has the bound water molecule. The presence of water imparts specific properties that are useful for certain industrial applications. They are generally used as fillers in the paper, paint, glass and rubber industries. To lose the water molecule and improve colour, the hydrous clay is subjected to high temperatures and the process in known as calcination. The product is termed as calcined clay. By controlling the calcination temperature, Metakaolin (550–900°C) can be produced. Metakaolin has applications in cement, rubber, cables & ultramarine blue.

As a functional extender in paints, Kaolin offers the following benefits to the formulation:
• Cost Reduction
• Increased Opacity
• Matting efficiency
• Increased Gel strength

Our Popular Grades

Hydrous Kaolin: JHK 75 | JHK 80 | JHK 80

Calcined Kaolin: JCK 1.15 | JCK 9.1